Which class should I take next?

Should I repeat the Beginner class or sign up for Talking Toddlers?

Most of my students retake the Beginner play class at least once. The number of signs learned and developmental information covered become more accessible with repetition for both babies and parents. The Talking Toddlers class delves into more advanced concepts like emotions and colors that are less interesting to a child younger than 14-15 months. 

Will I be bored repeating the Beginner class?

Absolutely not! Since our sessions are 10 weeks long, from the beginning of one session to the next is commonly 3-4 months. This is a large chunk of your child’s life and his interests may have changed greatly.

The first time through the Beginner class you likely chose about 12-25 signs to remember out of the 130 taught. Your choices will change the second time based on your child’s interests and what is important to your family as your child grows. Additionally, the topics we cover will resonate with you differently. Some topics may not have applied to you the first time you took the class when your child was younger and just starting to sign, yet will be very relevant the second time through.

100% of the families who have repeated the Beginner class were happy with their decision. Parents always report how different the class seemed. I have been asked more than once, “Are you sure this is the same class?”  This also applies to those students interested in repeating the Talking Toddlers class.

I’d like to move on to the Talking Toddlers class, how do I know if we’re ready?

There are no hard and fast requirements for moving from the Beginner to the Talking Toddlers level. However, I normally recommend the following:
1. That your child have 10-15 signs,
2. That your child be over or very near 15 months.

These are suggestions, not requirements, and I’m happy to talk with you about your specific situation. Note that we will learn another 150 or so ASL signs, in addition to the 150 we learned in the Beginner class, we will address more abstract concepts such as places, colors, and emotions, and we will support your child’s growing spoken language.

If Talking Toddlers feels too hard once we start, can we go back to the Beginner class?

Of course, space permitting. The classes fill up fast, so I cannot guarantee you a spot in a particular Beginner class, but you are welcome to request to move back. I will not be able to reimburse you the cost of the take-home materials, but will be able to enroll you in the Talking Toddlers class the next session for the re-enroll rate since you will already have the materials.

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