Signing Smart Classes Are the Perfect Experience Gift this Holiday Season

Signing Smart Classes are the Perfect Gift This Season

Most kids get so many gifts at Christmas that there’s hardly enough time to open them all—let alone appreciate each individual gift and the person who gave it. Many parents also feel at a loss for unique, creative gift ideas when every toy they carefully hand-pick ends up at the bottom of the toy bin by January. While the flash and novelty of this year’s hottest toy are lures that snag the interest of just about any kid, as parents we know that what our kids really seek are positive, challenging, fun experiences, and many parents are choosing to cut back on toys under the tree in order to give their kids something more lasting. Signing Smart classes make the perfect experience gift to give your kids (and yourself!) this holiday season. Here’s why.

The Gift of Learning
Signing Smart play classes support babies and toddlers as they learn language and relationship skills through fun, engaging songs and activities. Adults learn, too; Rina gives parents and caregivers tons of developmental information to help them understand how children of every age learn and acquire language. Plus, both parents and kids are learning a new language!

The Gift of Experience
As adults we sometimes underestimate the value of fun. Luckily, our kids don’t! I have taken three Signing Smart classes with my kids and have yet to see an unhappy or disengaged child—or parent—in class. Whether you start your baby at five months, 13, or 18 months, the classes offer opportunities for socializing, play, learning, exploration, and tons of fun!

The Gift of Easier Parenting
When you enroll your child in Signing Smart classes, you’re not only giving them everything I’ve mentioned, you’re giving yourself the best gift of all: the gift of easier parenting. Signing attunes you to your baby’s needs, thoughts, and feelings, and when you are aware of these things, you tend to respond more precisely to your baby. This, in turn, makes for fewer tears and tantrums and, best of all, creates a more secure attachment relationship—it doesn’t get much better than that!

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