About Signing Child

Signing Child is a licensed Signing Smart provider serving the greater Denver metro area.   We specialize in the Signing Smart Beginner and the Signing Smart Talking Toddlers Play Classes, for children from 5 months to 2 years old, as well as the Signing Smart Parent Workshop and the Signing Smart Childcare Provider Workshop. Rina Coury teaches classes all over the metro area, and nearly every day of the week!

Signing Smart Play Classes are filled with songs and interactive activities to engage both children and their parents/caretakers, and to learn how to integrate ASL (American Sign Language) signs and communication strategies into daily life. You will also gain insights into your child’s development that will help you understand how your child learns and acquires language at every age.

Classes are 45 minutes long and meet once a week for eight to ten weeks per session.  Children and their parents sign, play and learn in small groups of 12 children or less.  Each week’s play class focuses on a topic such as food, toys, or animals, with about 150 ASL signs introduced during a 10-week session.

Additional class offerings include:

Signing Smart Parent Workshop

Signing Smart Workshop for Child Care Centers

If you don’t see a play class offered in your part of town, or if you are interested in scheduling a Parent Workshop, a Child Care Workshop, or a special Play Class series for your group of friends or neighbors, please contact Rina at couryr AT MSN DOT com.

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