About The Instructor: Rina

Rina with her husband and their two daughters (and Milo the dog!)

Rina Coury has been teaching the Signing Smart curriculum since early 2004 and has had well over 2000 children go through her Beginner and Talking Toddlers Play Classes, in addition to countless parents who have attended Parent Workshops.

As one of only three Signing Smart Master Teachers certified, Rina has trained other Signing Smart instructors, presented at national Signing Smart conferences, and trained instructors who teach derivatives of the Signing Smart program all over the world.  Known as a leader in her field, Rina is featured in and has consulted on the production of many of the Signing Smart products as well as assisting with the editing of numerous Signing Smart curricula.

Rina started teaching Signing Smart after participating in several sessions of both the Beginner and Talking Toddlers Play Class series with her older daughter, Malena. “We took the Parent Workshop when Malena was around 4 months old, and started the Play Classes at 6 months. She started signing back at 9 months, had 25 signs by a year, and by 18 months, we had stopped counting signs as she was so verbal!”

Sharing the incredible joy that comes from being able to communicate with the youngest of babies is what keeps Rina motivated. “Knowing what your child wants or needs is wonderful. Knowing what your child notices or wonders about is simply amazing! It opens up so many avenues for bonding, interaction, learning and overall communication.”

Rina’s classes receive rave reviews from parents (please take a moment to peruse the Testimonials page, or go to www.Facebook.com/SigningSmartwithRina), and the babies always have a great time too!

One of the best parts of teaching for these many years is to welcome families back with younger siblings. “Watching the children who were signing infants and toddlers a few years back become older siblings and teachers as they go through the program again with a little brother or sister is priceless.”  Rina has welcomed into class many third and even fourth siblings from Signing Smart families!

Rina is married to Don, and they have two daughters, a college junior and a ninth grader. Don and their older daughter, along with Rina, have been featured in many Signing Smart products.

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