Lakewood Play Classes

Signing Smart Play Classes, for children 5 months to 2 years, are filled with songs and fun activities to engage both parents and children, as well as loads of developmental information to help you understand how your child learns and acquires language at every age.

Caregivers learn how to integrate ASL signs and Signing Smart strategies into daily life while babies play, interact, and learn. The Play Classes meet weekly for 45 minutes; each week we focus on a different theme, such as food, toys, sports, outdoor signs, or animals.

Please contact us to find out about class availability after the session has begun. A minimum of 8 enrolled students is required to run the class.

Lakewood classes run Wednesday mornings at:
Full Moon Books — 9106 Avenue (south-west corner of 6th Ave and Garrison St.)

April 4 – June 6, 2018

    • Beginner 10:30 – 11:15 — 10-week session $170

        • This class is for babies 5 months to two years of age.

          Returning students who have already taken the Beginner class – $135

    • Talking Toddlers — 11:45-12:30 — 10-week session $170

        • This class is for babies over 15 months old who have at least 15-20 signs, and have already taken the Signing Smart beginner class.
        • Returning students who have already taken the Talking Toddlers class $135

      To get more information about our play classes, or to register over the phone, please contact us at rina AT SigningChild DOT com.

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